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privacy policy

Yonemura Denjiro Science Production Co., Ltd. handles personal information, in accordance with the law concerning the protection of personal information.
We have formulated a privacy policy and taken appropriate measures as follows.

Personal Information

Personally identifiable information such as address, full name, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. to be filled in when applying for inquiries etc.
And data information such as the record and birth date associated with it are personal information.
In usual cases, you do not need to enter your name or other personal information.

Proper acquisition of personal information

In obtaining personal information from the principal, we will clarify the following purpose of use.
In addition, when acquiring personal information from other than the principal, from lawful business operators operating according to the law concerning the protection of personal information, we will obtain personal information by appropriate means such as purchase.

Use and provision of personal information

Regarding personal information we hold, we may provide personal information only to the outside in the following cases.

· When there is agreement from the user.
· You receive a formal inquiry request based on law from a public agency (such as a court or police).
· A case where a company that engages in business under the consignment from the Company for the purpose of providing a service to users requires information.
(However, these companies can not use personal information beyond the limit for the above purpose.)

Procedure for Disclosure, Correction, Stop Usage etc

When there is a request from the information principal himself, we delete all personal information of the person himself and stop using it after that.

Name of company handling personal information

company name:
Yonemura Denjiro Science Production Co., Ltd.
2-17-7, Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo, 112-0001, Japan


We continuously review the contents of the privacy policy and make efforts to improve it.

Heisei 28 years April 1