What is our “science shows”?

The combination of education and entertainment: Our science shows are interesting and informative.

We expressed our science experiment through staging with different productions.
“Not only you can learn but you can also have fun, not only you can enjoy but you can also learn”
Our science shows are combined with education and entertainment, where we try to bring the fun of science to as many people as possible through the exciting experiment of Mr. Denjiro.

science shows
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  • サイエンスショー02
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show programs

幼Our thrilling programs can be enjoyed by all generations from toddlers to adults.

でWe are having many different kinds of programs lined up for you, which includes Mr. Denjiro’s popular experiment, huge balloon experiment, as well as quiz events that participants can actually join and have fun! Not only toddlers but all generations such as fathers, mothers and even the elderly can also enjoy our exciting programs!

Some examples of our programs

  • 巨大空気砲実験
  • ペーパーブーメラン実験
  • 影の不思議な世界
  • パイレーツオブサイエンスの実験コント
  • 飛行の不思議実験
  • 巨大風船実験


show programs

To those who want to come and watch our exciting shows

Let’s go to the shows where the eyes of children shine with excitement and curiosity!

“I would like my children to pick up interest in science..”
“I would like my children to have fun and informative experience”
“I would love to give a fun time to my child for his/her birthday”
If any of these applies to you, please come on and have fun with us! Even if you don’t, of course you are more than welcome! We are sure you will be able to see your children lit up with excitement and also it would be a great bonding time for you and your children for sure.




Will toddlers enjoy your shows and programs?
We have many programs that are easy to understand ready for children. We get many feedback from parents that tell us it was great that their children were never bored through the shows.
Where can I apply?
Please contact organizations holding events directly. *As for the details of events, we will be updating on the ‘Event Information’ section.
When are you holding events?
Please make sure to check out the event information page on our website, Twitter, Facebook as we will be updating information frequently.



Please don’t worry in case you are ever wondering if science is difficult for children to understand.
Our experienced crews are doing their best to create stages with laughter and full of surprises by using things that we see around us daily. Their high quality of skills and entertainment are very well-received by not only children but also many parents and the elderly. Sometimes our programs even go beyond the country and are enjoyed by people in different countries. Please feel free to inquire us for details.

  • 遊びながら子供達の知的好奇心を育めます 幼児からご年配の方まで世代を超えて楽しめます サイエンスキットの販売もあります!




What kind of places do you do events at?
We come to various halls, school halls at elementary school, class rooms at kindergarten, etc- please feel free to inquire as we try to make it flexible for you. If weather permits we can do events outdoors too.
How long does a show usually run for?
It depends on each program but our programs usually run about for an hour to an hour and half.
Do you also travel to different prefectures?
We try to come to all over Japan and sometimes even overseas on demand. Please feel free to contact us for details.
About how many people do you usually prefer at an event?
On average it’s about 100 to 2000 people, however we try to be flexible depending on the size of the venue, budget, etc. If it’s a smaller audience we can also create a workshop kind of event or something that’s more intimate. Please feel free to inquire with us.