What is ”workshop”?


An experiment class that is comfortable and suitable even for elementary school projects.

It is an experiment/craft class using the science kit produced by Mr. Denjiro. A principle experiment and a fun craft created based on each theme.
Why don’t you come and experience the fun of moving hands, the surprises of science and all its wonders with us?


A science kit produced by Yonemura Denjiro

Workshop programs


The mysteries of static, the force of wind and all the mysteries around us are unravelled!

We have many hands-on experiences for you to try by using the science kit produced by Mr. Denjiro as well as the things that we see daily. You might realize your perspective on a lot of things are different after you experience our programs.


A science kit produced by Yonemura Denjiro

Some examples of our programs

The beginning of electricity

『 The experiment of static 』

The experiment of static

Static is not our best friend in our daily life, but we use it to make a fun experiment such as floating objects and putting objects together by the force of plus and minus. We also make a electric cup and experience what static is really all about.

The mystery of energy

『 Let’s create a motor car with the force of wind 』

Let’s create a motor car with the force of wind

How is electricity made? We do scientific experiments using motors and the interesting experiment of power generation. At the end there is a race to wrap up the program! Let’s come up with different ideas and methods to come first.

Wonders of micro

『 Challenge a handmade microscope 』

Challenge a handmade microscope

It was Leeuwenhoek that observed micro world for the first time ever in the world.
What he used was a single microscope with only one lense.
Let’s peek into the microscopic world using the same mechanism microscope that he used!

For general customers wishing to participate in workshops


Let’s go to the workshop where you can experience the wonders of science!

“I want my kids to have interest in science while having fun”
“My kids seem to be having trouble with the theme of free research at school”
Everyone is welcomed if you are interested in science.
With the workshop (experimental classroom), it would be a great chance for you to take more interest in science.
Please participate in a homey experimental classroom with children and their shining eyes.


A science kit produced by Yonemura Denjiro

Frequently question

Will toddlers enjoy your shows and programs?
We have many programs that are easy to understand ready for children. We get many feedback from parents that tell us it was great that their children were never bored through the shows.
Where can I apply?
Please contact organizations holding events directly. *As for the details of events, we will be updating on the ‘Event Information‘ section.
When are you holding events?
Please make sure to check out the ‘Event Information‘ page on our website, official Twitter, official facebook as we will be updating information frequently.

To the event organizers


We will give our children an irreplaceable memories through science

“There are not so many participants”
“I want the opportunity for each child to experience it”
For these kinds of people, a more intimate and cozy workshop (experimental classroom) is recommended.
Because it is a small number of people, each person experiments with their own hands And experience science, children’s intellectual curiosity is greatly stimulated.
Classroom, gymnasium etc, wherever there is a space suitable for the number of participants, there is no problem. It is a popular experimental classroom for children.


A science kit produced by Yonemura Denjiro


It develop children’s intellectual curiosity while playing. We will give our children an irreplaceable memories through science. Our popular science kit can also be purchased.


Frequently question

What kind of place can you do?
Events can be held at kindergartens, nursery schools, classrooms of elementary schools, gymnasiums, community centers, etc., so please do not hesitate to contact us. Depending on the weather, it is also possible to hold outdoors.
How long does a show usually run for?
It depends on each program but our programs usually run about for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Do you also travel to differentprefectures?
We try to come to all over Japan and sometimes even overseas on demand. Please feel free to contact us for details.
About how many people do you usually prefer at an event?
On average it’s about 100 to 2000 people, however we try to be flexible depending on the size of the venue, budget, etc. If it’s a smaller audience we can also create a workshop kind of event or something that’s more intimate. Please feel free to inquire with us.

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