About the science shows

put smiles on children’s faces with science

Not only Mr. Denjiro but also there are many unique casts who are doing
exciting entertainment shows
all over Japan.

We are getting such positive feedback from children in kindergarten, elementary school as well as fathers, mothers, and the elderly, sometimes even people from overseas.

Cast introduction

Starting with Mr. Denjiro Yonemura but also out science professionals who are skilled in entertaining people are bringing curiosity and smiles to all generations from toddlers, elementary school kids and adults.

Denjiro Yonemura

Mr.Pioneer of exciting science Denjiro Yonemura


Ms.Experiment women Yu

Charlie Nishimura

Mr.Science entertainer Charlie Nishimura

Gian Murakami

Mr.Science comedian Gian Murakami

Genki Ichioka

The Prince of science Genki Ichioka

Hiroshi Ebitani

Mr.Popular with kids Hiroshi Ebitani

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